Strategy Formulation

Growth strategy / Turnaround strategy / Portfolio strategy.
“Make or buy”: defining the best strategy for support functions (in-house, subcontracting, joint venture, spin-off).
Business model and Strategic oversight: defining and implementing key KPIs to track performance.
Analysing client’s options, quantification of the issues involved, definition of major scenarios & management buy-in.

Calahonda mapping

The methodology we apply is based on over a 100 years and a 100 million Euro of collective entrepreneurial experience in failing and scaling. Intake starts with a questionnaire covering the roots, present and preferred state. We help you with the definition of your filters using a 7 framed strategic prism, gamification scenario planning, story mapping, exponential thinking and a variety of other tools relevant to the company. We call it the Calahonda mapping.
The end result is an analysis and a suggested most practical and entrepreneurial way forward.

Restructuring & Operations

Working with clients in creating cost reductions that can be more effective than revenue growth strategies.
Exploring how cost optimisation can improve internal and external service levels by simplifying and refining existing processes.
Understanding the major trends which may amplify the focus on operations, such as:
Increased competitive pressure, Higher customer expectations, better service offerings. .


Analysing the legacy of past management teams since company creation.
Why does long-term success requires constant rethinking and adapting?
Reducing complexity and facilitating coordinated execution.
Designing functions around value creation rather than reporting lines.
Understanding the benefits of skills development and recognition of current and future leaders.
Creating a strong culture to facilitate innovation, change and excellence.

Sales & Marketing

Segmentation, positioning versus competitors by type of distribution, pricing policy, processes and support tools.
Brand strategies: strategic diagnostics, action plans, customer & brand experience and business plans.
Marketing insights: market potential, competitive benchmarking and consumer insights.
Product mix optimisation: product portfolio reviews, channel strategy and route-to-market.
Marketing organisation: mission, profile, goals and performance tracking (KPIs).
Creative Marketing Alliances. Partnership Vs Sponsorship.

Supply Chain

How to deliver products or services to customers in a faster, smarter and cheaper way than competitors.
Aligning supply chain and business strategy.
Creating the optimal network configuration to serve customers efficiently.

Training – Mentoring – Coaching

StrategyCrowd works directly with organisations such as the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the World Bank, providing commercial and business advice and export training to SMEs in developing economies such as Ukraine, Georgia, Tunisia. We also act as business advisors and coaches to the EU Horizon 2020 programme and to several Enterprise Ireland business support programmes such as Business Growth Advisors programme; Strategic Marketing Review programme and International Selling Programme.
In Ireland
StrategyCrowd have partnered with Dublin City University to design a leadership development programme for SMEs in Ireland and deliver business advice and individual/team coaching to the Senior Management Teams. StrategyCrowd and associates have designed and delivered the New Frontiers Phase1 and Phase 2 programmes for ITT and ITB in Dublin; Sligo IT and LYIT in the Northwest; Carlow IT and WIT.
We also participated to Mentors Work, a joint initiative from Skillnet Ireland and SFA , the Small Firm Association , deploying a team of 20 affiliate consultants to offer a structured support via the pairing of an experienced mentor with a specific SME in order to address their immediate challenges and provide bespoke advice, guidance and practical recommendations.